How to Get out of Trouble for Free

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Hi Readers!

This is Ran, son of Sarn. My Papa is the main character from Curse Breaker: Enchanted. (If you missed last week’s antics, read them HERE.) Where we last left off, I was in trouble. Picture little me dangling from my evil uncle’s grip. Hear the scrape of boots outside our door. See the mischievous smile I’m biting back because I know something my uncle would love to know. 

The door swings in and green light slides into the cave bathing a boy suspended by his angry uncle. They are almost nose to nose before the boy turns his head and his smile on the cloaked man standing on the threshold. Sarn bridges the distance between them in three long strides, collects his son and glares at his younger brother.

“What the hell are you doing?” Sarn demands.

Ran turns his head into his father’s chest to muffle laughter, but it’s too late. His ill-timed mirth ended the tense moment, but Sarn refuses to be mollified.

“Relax, your son and I were having a discussion.” Miren waves off his brother’s ire and stacks the books littering the table making sure to square the edges.

“What about?” This question Sarn directs at his offspring who refuses to make eye contact.

“Nothing important,” Miren grumbles as he shoots his nephew a look, but the boy ignores it.

“An interview and I want to be the one they pick.”

Miren slams the book in his hand down on the table rocking it. “Why would they choose you? You’re just a kid, and no one knows about you.”

“But I was there!”

Sarn picks a wall and leans hard against it ignoring the crenelations poking his back. Words fly back and forth coupled with accusations, but he hears none of it. The word ‘interview‘ echoes in his head. It’s a gong sounding the end of the secret squirming in his arms. Magic punches through the cacophony and extrudes a brilliant emerald bubble. But its light cannot blind the interviewer from the truth for long. If he’s chosen, the secret will come out. He risks losing his son and a part of his heart.

Who will you choose? Only one character can win the interview, but any character from the series can vie for your vote.

Until next time readers, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse behind and between the scenes. Read more about Ran, Sarn, and Miren in Curse Breaker: Enchanted. Get ready because Curse Breaker: Faceted is coming.

Characters are conspiring. More giveaways, and the sequel to Curse Breaker: Enchanted are coming soon. Stay tuned.