Confession time!

Hello readers!
It’s me, Melinda, the author of Curse Breaker: Enchanted and I’ve got a confession to make.
I’m addicted to audiobooks. 
My ears feel naked without my headphones. I have a one-book-a-day habit. What I’m reading tends to color what I’m writing. I admit it. This habit affects my writing.
Take Enchanted, the first book of the Curse Breaker Saga. I edited it while binge listening at work to Louse Penny’s Inspector Gamache books–an addictive police procedural/cozy mystery mash-up series. So Enchanted became a fantastic mystery.
Book two, Faceted, is shaping up to be Tolkien shakes hands with Harry Bosch because I read the entire detective series while writing it. I blame Audible’s holiday sale for introducing me to Michael Connelly’s audiobooks. I came into the series at Bloodwork, and it sucked me in.

Then Sarn decided he could not drop some of the loose ends from book 1. So I let him investigate, and it put an interesting spin on the epic tale I’d already crafted. You see, I wrote the end of Faceted before I wrote Enchanted. So Faceted had no beginning.

As you can imagine, Sarn’s son was not happy about any of this, but Ran is too young to have a say in the plot. This is why Ran has hijacked my newsletter. I know what he’s up to. He’ll get his ‘nice ad-ven-ture’ but on my terms.
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