Go Darker! Curse Breaker 2: Darkens is out now!

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CURSE BREAKER: DARKENS is out now! Get your copy now. I’ll wait.

Last week,  I lunged at the short man searching for a place to put his book. When I say ‘short,’ I mean it. Jerlo is five feet nothing. I take after my dad, so I’m a giant in comparison. (I’m Ran, son of Sarn, remember?) So I tower about a foot and half over Jerlo’s head, and that height gives me reach.

I seize his ankle as he sprints past. “I heard you conned my scribe into writing a book about you! What’s this book about?”

Jerlo tries to save himself, but he face-plants because I will not let go. I grew up clinging to my heights-loving, acrobatic dad. So I am a champion clinger. Jerlo’s not escaping me this time. But his book does.

A cloud of 1s and 0s descends from the digital architecture high overhead. None of the shadowy customers traversing the platform spanning the gap between towers of ebooks notices.  They move in a somnambulistic flow, drawn by the brilliant light of the best sellers jockeying for position.

Those bits and bytes mash together into hands in that same disturbing way Insect Man molded parts of his anatomy when the need arose. My tummy twisted in sudden nausea at the unnatural sight. Into those digital hands, Jerlo’s book went, and I got a quick glimpse of the cover. It said Curse Breaker: Darkens.

I tried to swipe it, but my hand fell well short of the book. And the damned thing never spun round so I could read its back cover.

“What the hell is it about?”

“Language,” was all Jerlo said. His attention was on that book rising to find its place in the endless stacks of ebooks.

“Your book is about language?” Surprised by this conversational turn, I let go of the wily commander.

“Do I look like a scholar to you?”

“No, so what is it about?”

“Darkness and the things we hide in it.” Jerlo shook his head, and a voice began reading.

“In a land where magic is their only hope, can a man of faith triumph? Or will he fall prey to the dark force rising in his home?”

“That’s what it’s about. Look!” Jerlo pointed to his book.

It was opening, and words were falling out. They drifted like snow, landing softly on the palm of my hand. My eyes bulged as a note written by a future version of me addressed the reader, in this case, me. How strange to find such an artifact here and now. But I couldn’t dwell on it because the words were falling faster now building a beginning and a time that haunted my dad. And I was eager to read it.

Find out what so tantalized me about Jerlo’s tale. Get CURSE BREAKER: DARKENS now! 

This week, we would like to thank:

Patty Jansen the author of Sand & Storm, and John Pirillo the author of Sherlock Holmes Dracula for being a part of our launch festivities.

The entire world laid to waste. There are no second chances. Deadly magic is again on the increase. No one knows why or where it’s coming from until two border patrols go missing. Will the vital knowledge necessary to save them get lost in the war overrunning their world? Find out in Sand Storm by Patty Jansen.

Sherlock Holmes enlists the Invisible Man and Count Dracula to solve the murder of a close friend. Sometimes what a detective can’t deduce, an invisible man can see, and a vampire can taste. Steampunk meets electricity in this fantastic tale! Get Sherlock Holmes Dracula today!

Free books!

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And don’t forget to pick up our newest release, CURSE BREAKER: DARKENS

Prepare to go darker next week when I grill a man of faith about his adventures.

Until next time. Thank you for reading!

Ran, son of Sarn,
‘Chaser of Book Thieves’

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