Interview with the Commander: the Free, the Nailed and the Dragooned

Hi Readers!

As promised, we caught up with Jerlo finally. The commander is slippier than a buttered eel, but we nailed him down. Picture a five-foot nothing man with frizzy hair in a dark green uniform glaring at his scuffed boots, which are nailed to the rock under his feet. (No commanders were harmed during this interview, but Jerlo will need a new pair of boots after this.)

I, Ran, son of Sarn, will be your host.  So let’s get to it!

“Why’d you run off with our scribe and make her write Darkens?”

“I ran off with nobody. All I did was leave my office to answer a very important question. Were there more demons raised by Hadrovel’s friends? I had no idea my little jaunt to the oubliette to talk to that creep would turn into an epic quest highlighting some of my less-than-stellar leadership moments. Really, I could have lived without the highlights reel, but the Big Guy felt otherwise.” Jerlo rolls his black eyes up to the ceiling then shakes his head.

“What is this ‘highlight reel’ thing?”

“Three key moments in your father’s life which I, unfortunately, had a hand in. These are moments readers have written in asking to see, so God delivered. Thank him for that.”

Ran rolls his eyes at the commander’s obstinacy. “What are these moments? How did  they affect my dad?”

“Read the damned book.”

Ran glares at the commander and he glares back.

“Oh fine, one of them shows how I got stuck with your dad on the Rangers. I’ll give you a hint.” Jerlo jerks his thumb at the ceiling.


“Hadrovel got what he deserves.” Jerlo folded his arms over his chest.

Ran rolls his eyes again and makes a keep going gesture.

“Nope, you’ll have to read the last one yourself. I’m not giving it away. That last sequence is not my finest hour, but it goes a long way to explaining why your dad can’t disobey me even though at times, he really wants to. I can see it in his eyes. The eye-glow thing doesn’t cover it up.”

Ran opens his mouth to add a question, but Jerlo holds his hand up in a stop gesture.

“That’s it. I’m done with this farce. You see that mountain of paperwork on my desk?” At Ran’s hesitant nod, Jerlo continues.  “Yeah well, it doesn’t fill itself out. Unless you want to help–”

The door swings open, and Ran rushes through it without a backward glance.

Jerlo shakes his head. “Yeah, I didn’t think so.” He regards his boots and with a sigh, then bends to liberate his feet so he can return to work. Dragon statues watch him struggle out of his boots. Their crystal eyes are thoughtful.

– – –

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Stay tuned for more magic, mayhem and epic adventures! We have to go save our scribe. She might be in trouble.

Ran, Son of Sarn

“The Intriguing Interviewer”

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