Help! We’re Fading…

Hi Readers!

It’s Ran again. I was going to interview our illustrious commander this week, but I didn’t know what to ask him. So…what do YOU want to know about Jerlo and his book, Curse Breaker: Darkens?

Email your questions to or post your questions to our Facebook Page, (like it while you’re there), or in our brand new group and I’ll interrogate the commander for next week!

***Please note, this book might be from our wily commander’s point of view, but I *am* still in this book. I play a small but essential role. Well, I am four when this ad-ven-ture takes place, and its kind of hard for a four-year-old to have an adventure without parental approval or supervision. And you have met my Papa, so you know his approval is impossible to ge–

My hand! Look at my hand! It’s translucent. I’m fading as I type this. As a fictional character, I only exist when people are reading my story. Are you reading my story? Would you read it now? YOU can stop me from fading. Recommend the Curse Breaker Series to your everyone you know.

When you put our book down, we fade away. Help us exist. Spread the word about us and our exploits. Help our scribe keep us alive.

–Ran, “Fading” Son of Sarn

– – –

The cursor blinks. A little green-eyed boy rushed away from it, arms outstretched to his father. He’s certain his Papa can stop the transparency creeping up his small body. But the arms that catch him are translucent too and so is the chest he lays his head against. That once comforting heartbeat is quiet now, and he can barely feel the arms carrying him away.

Off to the side, a petite brunette in her mid-thirties dabs at her eyes. “I won’t let you fade into obscurity. I’ll fight on!” She lifts her fist and shakes it at the uncaring sky then stalks back to her pc and rolls up her sleeves.

– – –

Before we fade, we’d like to thank:

Legacy’s Price by Tiffany Cherney

Lady Ekesi Segen isn’t the typical noble. She wields a magic that hasn’t been seen since the age of the Rogue Queen. Will she carve a place in history or fulfill a prophecy? Find out in Legacy’s Price.

Looking for FREE books? Check out:


Until next week, stay tuned.

Melinda “The Scribe” Kucsera

~ ~ ~

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