Memory’s Riddle: A Special Note from our Captive Scribe

Hi Readers!

It’s Ran, Sarn’s lovable son. I’m writing from deep in enemy territory, so I have to keep this short. The corporate goons who snatched our author might have these things called ‘trackers’, and they might be tracking us. It’s all very confusing, but not to worry. I’m adventuring with Papa and his magic. So those trackers don’t stand a chance. No one sneaks up on Papa.

Here’s the solved riddle from last week:

Take a Flight of Fantasy,
to the  Keep of Dragons
where a Broken Destiny and
an escape plan are hatched?

Thank you to everyone who wrote in a response. You are a huge help. Every week, we’re getting closer to our missing scribe. Don’t believe us?

Take heart from a note we just found from our author (and, um, help us figure out what the smudged words are. The note got a little wet before we found it.)

Hi Readers,

This is Melinda, the ‘scribe’ as Ran calls me. If you’re reading this, then I’m still held captive in the H_ _rt  of  P_w_r, working on an IT project 24/7 and hoping for a rescue.

In this new place, there is a crack in the wall. Beyond it, leaves  F_ll  _nt_  A  Gr_ _t B_ _K statue. At least I think it’s a statue. There’s an inscription, but parts of it are worn away:
A   B_ _K-L_v_r’s  Dr_ _m!

Beyond that, there is a canyon and a billboard advertising F_nt_s_  B_rg_ _n  B_ _ks.

Grass crunches. Gravel rolls. Someone is coming–two women dressed in blue, one facing me and one away. The latter has stars twinkling on her gown. A third woman appears behind the first two. She wears a bejeweled mask.

What do they want? Are they my captors? I never saw who nabbed me because they wore hoods.

I have to go now. My keyboard has been silent too long. If log enough keystrokes, they won’t check on me. I hid Curse Breaker: Faceted in a hole. I hope I’ve left enough clues for my characters to find it.

Sunlight shafts through the crack as I shove this note through and let the wind take it to Shayari. For a moment, a fourth woman appears in the canyon, and my heart catches on her round face. I know that smile, that determined step but it can’t be. My sister is dead.

Her last words still echo:

“Promise me that you’ll publish it–that you’ll publish all of it.”

“I will, sis,” I say, wiping tears from my eyes. “Happy early birthday.”

Carolyn (right) with Melinda (left) in 2009.

❤ RIP Carolyn Kucsera, September 27, 1984 – February 22, 2014 ❤

Before you help my characters find me, take a moment to hug your loved ones. Remember in your thoughts today all those we’ve loved and lost. Life is fleeting, but memories are forever. Make some memories today.

— Melinda “the Scribe” Kucsera

And I’m back.

This is Ran again in case you forgot. I’m wiping tears from my eyes. Melinda’s note makes us characters more determined than ever to find her and the copy of Faceted she hid. So help us figure out where they’re holding her.

Use the images below as clues and click through to pick up great bargains and free reads. (You know me and my giveaway obsession.)

Make sure you reserve a spot on your digital bookshelf for Curse Breaker: Faceted. We’re going to find it, soon. This might be a great time to read the first two books: Curse Breaker: Enchanted and Curse Breaker: Darkens, both are a steal. But I could be biased.

Help me solve the riddle. Send your answers to or drop by our group or our Facebook page. We’re standing by. Direct us to our captive author, and our missing manuscript!

Here are your clues:

unnamed    Fall into a great book!

Sept Fantasy Bargain Books (1)

ad-1500X500 (2)

unnamed (1)


I can’t list all the giveaways and free book giveaways I entered. But you can find them here and here. I might have gone a little overboard again.

Have you decoded the message?

“I’m still held captive in the H_ _rt of P_w_r […] Beyond it, leaves
F_ll  _nt_  A  Gr_ _t B_ _K statue. […] There’s an inscription, but parts of it are worn away: A B_ _K-L_v_r’s Dr_ _m!

Beyond that, there is a canyon and a billboard advertising F_nt_s_  B_rg_ _n  B_ _ks.”

Send your answers to or drop by

our group or our Facebook page. We need your help. We have no idea what our author is describing.

Until next time, dear reader

Stay tuned for more adventures next week and soon, an extended preview of Faceted. We’ll send it out as soon as we get our hands on it. So help us find it, please?

Ran, son of Sarn

“The Pleading Character”

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