Expand your horizons


When you left school, did you leave learning behind? Or like me, do you hunger for knowledge? Yes the internet is full of information but unless you find a site or sites that’s curated by someone that knows their shit, you could be surfing through a whole lot of crap.

Don’t get me started on the emails targeted at professionals touting courses to learn PMP or other business skills with hefty price tags. My inbox is full of their ilk. One more certification on my wall is not what I need right now. Neither do I want to hit up the nearest college and do the whole exam-research paper-grades rigmarole. Been there, done that, earned two degrees for my trouble and a hefty college debt. No thanks.

But I’m curious. I want to know about string theory and quantum mechanics, quantum computes and machine learning. Other topics too interest me outside of physics, like philosophy and ancient history. So how can I satisfy my curiosity on those subjects without any exams, grades or large price tags? What about brushing up on practical business skills? It’s been an age since I took that finance class. I can’t remember a thing about it.

For awhile now I had whetted my appetite for knowledge via The Great Courses series on Audible.com. Listening to a whole college course delivered by a college professor  who really knows his shit provided the perfect opportunity to learn about all the things that interest me. If you’re a member, then each course can be purchased for about $12 (the price of a credit). Compare that to the price of a college course and that’s a bargain.

However, I have just finished the second to last book in the physics/mathematics track. Where can I go for my physics fix? I’m finishing up The Girl in the Spider’s Web, book 4 of the Millennium series. (I have 35 minutes of the audio book left as of writing this post). The book, while an excellent caper as always, touches on machine learning and quantum computers–two subjects that interest me. The Great Courses series doesn’t have any lectures on either subject.

I had resolved to search out other avenues of learning about these subjects and others that interest me. Then Medium pinged. One of the bloggers I follow on there had just posted an article that put forth thirty-three sites/places on the web that offer free or nearly free courses. I couldn’t believe my luck.

The blog post is entitled: 33 Websites That Will Make You a Genius  and was posted by @Alltopstartups. Go ahead and check out his list. Free your mind and do it for free or nearly so.

What sites do you use to grow your mind?