The Universe, A Comedy of Errors – A Daily Post Sonnet


Comedy of Errors

Physics differing, two universes
bump together and their leaks are fallin’
into each. With eternal multiverse’s
inflation, anything that can happen
has happened, and will happen once again.
Armed with a map of the cosmic micro-
wave background
, from light originatin’
at the start, the big bang set the macro
world we inhabit spinning. Search many
spawning pockets that mark ballooning
universes, ’cause we’re one of many
Not alone in the multiverse, moaning
silence ‘tween the universes that bars
us from hearing messages from the stars.

~ ~ ~

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Comedy of Errors (and bonus assignment!).” Thanks to First Glimpse of Another Universe for the inspiration. I make no claims about the correctness of my physics. 🙂

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