Imaginary Friend – A Daily Post Sonnet

20151030_090521-small(Self Portrait)

Imaginary Friend

20151030_090257smallImaginary friend, you gifted me
a fantasy world full of creatures and
introduced heroes, bards, mages and thee.
We rode dragons, battled demons on sand
beaches and vanquished evil wherever
it roamed.  With a shining army marching,
at my back, we took city streets over
never fearing the darkness encroaching
even when tramping about foreign lands.
‘Cross oceans we sailed, thru gas clouds & stars,
exploring, playing at conquering lands,
crowning ourselves king and queen of stars–
Then falling back into my office chair,
to smile and plan for our next great affair.

~ ~ ~

I didn’t have one imaginary friend. I had a whole army full of them. I used to imagine them arrayed in ranks around me as I walked down dark city streets. They gave me courage when I needed it and comfort on those lonely walks.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Imaginary Friend” and since both images are selfies of me that  I am really happy with, I am also submitting this to Bulldog Travel’s Selfie prompt.

34 thoughts on “Imaginary Friend – A Daily Post Sonnet

  1. You are the mistress of Sonnets, gorgeous writing–and gorgeous as well, dressed in costume. You may remember me from a previous blog–“Azul” or some other name I’ve now forgotten… No obligation to read my current blog, as my main reason for coming to speak with you here is that I’ve become quite close to Rosema–and would like to contact you in future with a personal request I can’t detail here (nothing spooky or smarmy) ❤ So I’ve bookmarked your Contact page and will be back later. Have a blessed day–Flavia

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  2. ah, such a beautiful sonnet…even though i did not have an imaginary friend when I was a kid, my friends and I were always pretending to be heroes and villains…and now I see what you mean about having lots of hair to pull 😀

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