Photo-Fiction Challenge #5 – Evasion


She sat reading and fading where she sat.
First her feet slipped into nothing, a toe
at a time. Her legs went next, but she sat
still and continued reading even though
her body shifted out of time part by
part. Her torso next phased out following
her legs. Not some invisibility
trick or try to fool the eye, she’s going
now, her arms are vanishing, soon her head
will go and all that will be left standing
is her clothes and the grimoire that she read.
For the invisibility spell cast
had helped her to evade her past at last.

Prompt and image courtesy of Photo-Fiction Challenge #5

10 thoughts on “Photo-Fiction Challenge #5 – Evasion

  1. My goodness, how do you think and write like that. Brilliant! I love words, I’ve never met “grimoire.” Is it’s etymology from Grimm? You are certainly a word master. I am do glad to have found you.

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