Ornate – Lifestyles of the Rich and Extravagant



We swam laps in our ornate pool, borrowed
columns, statues from Greco-Roman rule,
on a mountain we built our palace bold,
mixing ancient and modern with our tools.

Tiled and lit our courtyard crowned the mountain,
statues placed to make it look more crowded.
Still we’re lonesome like the carven fountains.
For company there’s only the sky shrouded.


We played rich and mighty in our castle,
moved our pawns about the world to acquire,
more fanciful things to deck our castle.
Everything we want we always acquire.
If you’ve a precious item we’ll want it;
Just hand it over when we come for it.


~ ~ ~

The above pictures were taken at the Hearst Castle in California where the Hearst family lived in luxury. The first two pics are of the outdoor pool. The last pic is of the indoor pool. You can take tours of the castle itself but make sure to book in advance because those tours fill fast.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ornate.”

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