The Red Thread Unraveled

Rose (c) in medias res by Melinda Kucsera


I pulled the red thread, watched it unravel.
I sought connections as stitches parted.
I found none as thread pooled on cold gravel.
Row by row came undone. Brokenhearted,
I grabbed a spool and wound the thread back up.
The pattern’s unraveled; the picture’s gone.
What meaning I meant to find is bound up
in the thread I wind until it’s all gone,
and I’m left with a spool of bright red thread.
I hold possibilities in my hand.
New patterns to sew, stitches to try, thread
spooled and waiting–I grab a needle, stand
tall, boldly stitch a new design, and find
the meaning I sought in red thread entwined.

Inspiration and prompt courtesy of The Daily Post’s: The Red Thread 

19 thoughts on “The Red Thread Unraveled

    1. Thank you 🙂 I believe in fate but I’ve not seen, felt or benefited from its work in action. Although there are times when life, or things in it, uncannily resembles my fiction, it’s never people. So this was the only direction I could go.

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