Written in Skin

Written in Skin

Lines of heartbreak, disappointment, denials
and recriminations–I cross them out.
I start over; sketching’s such a trial.
Erase those hazy outlines, blot them out,
start again, dip the pen into love’s ink,
but the ink pot’s run dry, there’s no love found.
Snap the pen, toss it away, and trade ink
for imagination’s paint. Pigments ground,
brush in hand, stroke in a land; words now rush
to create a world. Running out of skin,
I write on the sky; quill morphs from a brush,
I’m writing, ripping a tale out’ my skin.
Spinning a story written on my heart,
in life’s blood; share the story, share my heart.

~ ~ ~

I was challenged in the comments of FT LeDrew’s evocative (steamy?) poem of the same name to write this. Check out his version of Written on Skin

Submitting this one for the Daily Post’s prompt, Life Lineย as well.

8 thoughts on “Written in Skin

  1. Ah, you have taken the idea and added your unique flare…I love the way you weave words in sonnet form and dare I say, you are a master! I am humbled that my scribble and challenge have helped in some way to create this. Beautiful, my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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