The River Nirthal

Hudson River (c) in medias res by Melinda Kucsera

The River Nirthal

From border to border it runs swift, clear.
Through mountain pass, down Osrailten’s shoulders,
into Neverthrall’s inland sea, then tear
off across valley and hill. Smooth boulders,
babble at the enchanted trees standing
on shore, dark and disapproving of its
watery foe. Still onwards its running
the mighty Nirthal River. Here it lazes
as it widens, giving shipping more lanes
to ply its calm waters. Despite the haze,
its navigable west from Hero’s Bane,
east to the salten sea, Shayari’s end.
Its freshwater soothes thirst; lets children play
in its spray; fills fishermen’s nets each day.

~ ~ ~

The River Nirthal is located in Shayari and is frequently seen, ridden, swam in and fished in the Curse Breaker Saga. All manner of shenanigans take place on, in or within sight of that mighty river.

prompt courtesy of Poet’s United: River

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