Death by Badassery

Death by Badassery*

*A collaboration with Manan, the talented poetess behind Manan Unleashed. Drop by her site and be dazzled by her wit, amazed at the beautiful images she creates and swept away by her heartfelt words.

Come meet the bad girls of senryu…

Death by Badassery

No Angel here screams
Smoky wings, pouty lips pressed
to glass, my name’s etched.

I ain’t no angel
Don’t get misled by my wings
Batman couldn’t clip those

Silk sheets overflow
Candles bleed wax, my whip cracks
I hunger for prey

I could wound your heart
leaving you aching for more
With just a whiplash

Music throbs, I bob
Weave through wearing corset laced
Trailing passion’s strings

A curl of my lips
Could send shivers down your spine
Should I smile on you

My leathers cling tight
Spike heels are my choice weapon
Bullets trace designs

I stalk the night streets
My heels tap a song of death
My claws–your last kiss

My sweet kiss of death
on your sad unknowing lips
will suck out your soul

My name you couldn’t take
Without some trepidation
Devil’s love I am!

~ ~ ~

62 thoughts on “Death by Badassery

    1. Thank you! It was a fun collab with Manan. I am kind of erratic with my poetry. when I sit down, I write prose, that was why I started this blog. To build an audience for my books. But then I got into writing poetry. I am trying to be more consistent with the poems but my heart lies in fantasy fiction, the epic variety.

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  1. Oh gosh, who does not love a coupple of awesome badass poetesses? This is fabulous, you two. 10/10 all the way on the badassery scale:) 🙂

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    1. If I am hospitalized then yes, my Canadian medicare should cover the cost of a shrink. However, if I have to pay out of pocket, it means I won’t have enough left over for popcorn and soda when the feature poem airs 🙂

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    2. Oh, my…yes, please keep those fingers as it is the only way you can write your wonderful words for us to read 🙂

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