Piano Man

Piano Man

Piano man plays
gun slung over his shoulder
notes hang in ruin

fingers glide o’er keys
music in devastation
a song of peace plays

ash clouds round
felled trees on the ground, no blood
just a piano

it’s seen better days
so has the soldier who plays
boogie-woogie, sways

no bugle boy left
to accompany with taps
he’s tapped out by war

Fighters gather there
we hum along with the dirge
purge what lead them here

war’s no place for art
once it’s in your soul it soothes
we still ache for peace

switch from minor key
pick up the tempo for rag
timed by toe tapping

fingers glide ‘cross keys
dulcet hammers out our pleas
tunes our ear for God

He’s here in the ash
harmonica singing blues
wash away our guilt

Spirituals rise
Amazing Grace on our lips
sip forgiveness fast

Gulp it while it lasts
detentes don’t last forever
our foxholes call us

Clap hands and stomp feet
drown out bullets’ whizzing beat
don’t stop the music

Stop the war we’re done
Earth’s sings of sorrow and loss
Her beat throbs through us

Hush falls as we sway
night’s fallen but we can see
no enemy here

just some blokes on break
whistling dixie ’till they say
we can go home ‘gain.

~ ~ ~

for Photo-Fiction #31

60 thoughts on “Piano Man

  1. You did such a beautiful work my dear friend!
    Hugs to you and I hope you are doing well!
    May you have a gorgeous weekend!

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  2. sorry for my words bt u have written a wonderful poems with ur good imazination.d writer is most emotional n sensitive.i know dt man n his piano is d symbol of emotionaly peace as u imazine.i admire ur feelings n love dt poem.plz don’nt mind if i say any wrong.i will try to understand about hidden meaning in ur poem again.

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  3. War is awful. I imagine some music in the middle of that would be something beautiful to encounter. Well done πŸ™‚

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  4. beutiful wordings with as souning pic.oh dt man seem by playing with piano as he is trying to forget all tenshion of war n begging pardon to his God for all ruins just alone at silent scatteref place with having heartly wishes for peace.heart touchimg poem fot internatonl peace.a masterpiece for mine.now i can never forget dis lovely poem.thanks for thus beautifully written work.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading it πŸ™‚ Your heartfelt comment made me smile and I think you for that gift, my friend. Today has been especially trying.


    2. oh my nice friend!!welcome for ur kind reply.when i was reading dt post then war’s situatations was disturbing my heart.how n why;mostly innocent men,women n childern become victims of d war.ur piano man is consoling me as i feel now.welcome again for so nice poem.

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    3. your words are a soothing balm. It disturbs my heart too that the ones doing the warmongering are hunkered down somewhere safe from the violence leaving the innocent to suffer. It shouldn’t be that way.


    4. plz,donn’t mind if i say something wrong.u r a most talented bt most emotional poetess.eventhough,i have become as beloved of ur amazing wordings.

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    1. I have gotten close a couple of times. Since i also screenwrite I have additional avenues that the average novelist doesn’t have. My screenplay was a semifinalist in a scifi screenwriting contest. There were over 2500 entries and mine was one of ten selected. So I have hope. It was also read by a Robert di Nero script assistant who liked ut. But DiNero doesn’t do scifi.

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