Frustration builds up
I’ve known you a couple days
I’m on the threshold.

Neither in nor out
of your goatskin yert and yet
I stand here knocking.

Fist raps on tent pole
back for more conversation
hoping to get passed–

barriers to enter in,
find your center pole.

I’ll find more rooms though
Adronitis makes me squirm
I want your secrets.

Let me in to hunt
locate your illicit stash
is whiskey your vice?

Guessing’s misery
stokes curiosity to
insatiable heights.

What are you hiding?
A goddess? Creation’s pearl?
A blue eyed husky?

Let your secrets flow
break open your heart for me
lay its chambers bare.

I need to know all
casualness comes later
spill your secrets first.

Let me see the prize
give me a taste so I’ll know
what I want to do.

So close and so far
Where the wind blows I will go
no reason to stay.

You won’t show me all
I refuse to accept less
I must guard myself.

~ ~ ~

 Rant inspired by: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #106

image credit: Pixabay


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