Epic Fantasy Adventure Starts Here

Click to Download a FREE Preview!


Click to Download a FREE Preview!

In a country where magic is illegal, an untrained mage is their only hope…

When one boy’s murder rips open a gateway allowing evil to enter, no one is safe from corruption. Sarn vows to find out the truth no matter what the cost.  But his gift is untrained and can only tell him what he already knows—something unnatural happened.

Finding answers won’t be easy.  Sarn must balance nights serving the Rangers with days dedicated to hiding his son from the dark forces stalking them both. With the investigation growing ever more dangerous and two bizarre entities dogging his every step, can Sarn fix anything or will all be lost? Dive in now! 

Sounds great! Tell me more.

Did we mention it’s more epic than the Original Version? Because it so is.


Why write a ‘More Epic Version?’ 

 Who are we and why are we offering a FREE preview? 

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Click to Download a FREE Preview!

19 thoughts on “Epic Fantasy Adventure Starts Here

    1. Thank you it’s a heartwarming tale. I don’t write horror, not the terrifying kind that Stephen King writes or the psychological variety either. The ghost is more playful since he was a little boy and Sarn’s son is very young, so he’s adorable.

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      1. hey! will you take a peek in the page I have created, it will come up as a blog post on 25th October 2016, at 11 a.m. Indian standard time, if you want something in this page or minus something write to me 🙂



    1. It’s not a post. It’s a page. The reblog feature is all screwed up for pages which I why I turned it off. I’ll send you a graphic. All you have to do is select the graphic and click the hyperlink icon and paste in the url. WP will link the graphic to my page.


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