I dodge raindrops. Through the camera on my cellphone, I frame the world. Then I cut the it up. Pummel the image in photoshop and slap bleeding slivers of it on my blog. Smile for the camera, you’re up next on my digital dissection table. The crop tool will cut you now. Resize, sharpen, apply a bit of curve and only a fragment out of place and time remains. Reminders of a time lost, a scene never repeated. An image captured and then gone again in the space of a blink. I walk between raindrops. Their patter hides the click of my phone capturing the the girl with blue wings. Advertisements Continue reading Image

Nulthir | 0.1.6

Previous scene  |  Jump to a scene ~ 6 ~ Big Ugly had raised two of its eight arms and had began a gurgling address to its assembled followers. A lot of gesturing culminated in a release of rats that the beast’s followers herded into the cesspit. Obviously this was meant to provide the cesspit with more living material to warp. After the rats, bags were upended spilling countless spiders onto the rock apron around the cesspit. However, the spiders had more sense than the rats. Most of them crawled onto the idiots trying to herd them and escaped. Quite a few … Continue reading Nulthir | 0.1.6

Nulthir | 0.1.5

Previous scene |  Jump to a scene ~ 5 ~ Thing patted Nulthir’s knee as if he knew what Nulthir had just been thinking. Movement drew his gaze back to the scene unfolding below. People had gathered on the rocky slope leading into the pool of stinking muck. They carried a bier festooned with dead things–rat carcasses, dessicated flowers but no human bones. Small favor that. Though he wondered what purpose the bier served. Other folk had come too; he could just make out their silhouettes against the deeper shadows along the edges of the cavern. Very little lumir had been left … Continue reading Nulthir | 0.1.5

Nulthir | 0.1.4

Previous scenes |  Jump to a scene ~ 4 ~ Nulthir quickly overtook Thing and Amal. As he passed them, he held out his hands and the pair dropped their burden. Once free of impediments, they resumed their usual method of aerial locomotion–a hopping glide that took advantage of the many extrusions of stone that Nulthir dodged. Running all out towards a magical baddie wasn’t the smartest of plans and that eventually dawned on Nulthir. He needn’t have worried. Thing had chosen this tunnel for a reason. It soon dead-ended at a precipice with a good view of a large pool. The … Continue reading Nulthir | 0.1.4

Nulthir | 0.1.3

Previous scene |  Jump to a scene ~ 3 ~ Down a narrow stair that bored deep into the bedrock under Mount Eredren, they went like two jingling shadows. The stair spat them out into a tunnel choked with broken rock. Stalagmites and stalactites had merged into columns that had collapsed creating an obstacle course. One Nulthir had traversed too many times in the six months since Thrassen had left on some assignment and saddled him with the job of Guard Captain. Thankfully the job was only temporary. Thrassen would return and then Nulthir would go back to being Thrassen’s second–a job he … Continue reading Nulthir | 0.1.3

Nulthir | 0.1.2

Previous scene |  Jump to a scene ~ 2 ~ The boy hadn’t come. He’d spent another night waiting. Its hours had twisted the mystery tighter, hardening the knot it had tied around his mind. Staring at the paper before him gave him no insight. He’d scratched in lines marking off the tunnels he’d already tried. How many more were there? Thirty nights had passed since that ill-fated morning. He’d turned a corner and jigged to avoid some statuary haphazardly left in the exact spot for maximum traffic disruption. A body had collided with him just as he’d rounded the statue’s base … Continue reading Nulthir | 0.1.2

Nulthir | 0.1.1

Inro | More ~ 1 ~ Water plinked onto stone. It wept off of dozens of stalactites. The distant ring of picks gnawing round the clock at the stone in the mines formed a counterpoint to the dripping water. Shadows veiled everything down here in the forgotten bowels of the mountain. No light had been spared for the unfortunate souls incarcerated here. Except there was light softly falling through the bars of one of the cells. Light where there should be the damp pitch of the dungeon not an emerald glow that beckoned. Nulthir couldn’t fight its summons. The light reached into … Continue reading Nulthir | 0.1.1