Stars & Angels Sing


Stars and Angels Sing

by Melinda Kucsera

Now available in paperback and as an eBook

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When stars and angels sing, you know you’re in for quite the adventure.

However, getting there is a struggle for Sarn, a twenty-one year old indentured Ranger, who patrols part of the Enchanted Forest in Shayari. After his master, Nolo, found out about Sarn’s four year old son, Sarn found himself, his son and his teenage brother fostered with Nolo’s family. The struggle begins as Nolo’s family observes Advent and it only grows as symbols of a season and a looming holiday that Sarn knows nothing about nears. Since Nolo’s wife takes care of Sarn’s young son while he is out with the Rangers, his son is exposed to all the holiday prep leaving Sarn to wonder if such exposure is good for his son. Sarn’s struggle doesn’t go unnoticed, nor does his wish to understand the reason behind the season.

Much of Shayari is still gripped by paganism which throws a few stumbling blocks in Sarn’s path. With help from Santa, an iceman man, some very determined fairies and other holiday favorites, Sarn and his son discover what Christmas and the Epiphany are all about. Their world might never be the same after that.

Sarn and his family are celebrating Advent, their way, with good cheer and mayhem. Christmas and the Epiphany will never be the same. St. Nick just shuddered and the Magi ran for cover.

A lyric epic, Stars and Angels Sing features fully realized characters in a lush fantasy setting. It draws on all of your favorite holiday tropes and carols as Sarn searches for the heart of the season. Originally published as a series of posts on, the story captivated readers from all over the globe and left them smiling.

Stars and Angels Sing

by Melinda Kucsera

A Curse Breaker Novella

Now available in paperback and as an eBook

Read a sample chapter


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