Curse Breaker | Queen of All Trees

Curse Breaker | The Queen of All Trees Something tied the Child of Magic to the mountain and that tie refused to allow him to leave it. The Queen of All Trees tested its tensile strength and found the tie to be stronger than it. Each link was a promise forged in magic and blood. It led back to an unexpected source—a small child. The Child of Magic had a child of his own. Not well versed in humans, the Queen of All Trees flipped through memory’s pages seeking the truth. It found a sixteen year old boy and a … Continue reading Curse Breaker | Queen of All Trees

Curse Breaker | Stupefied

Curse Breaker | Stupefied A keening sound startled Nolo and gave him a direction. He rushed off towards the source. He found Sarn staring at a broken child not two hundred paces away from the previous murder site. His hands shook where they remained suspended halfway between himself and the boy. Horror had shut off his reasoning. Beyond the child lay a dozen men, women and children all dead. They’re bodies had not been ripped apart or in anyway despoiled. Nolo noted all that in a quick glance before returning his attention to his stricken charge. The dead could wait … Continue reading Curse Breaker | Stupefied