Contrivance – One Word Photo Challenge

Contrivance In chrome it gleams; at the bottom of pots, it waits. In my fridge it chills, though it still beckons. More insistent than dark chocolate, it baits me with visions of green valleys; dead-on in my sights, an Enchanted Forest spreads. Dragons ride the thermals and cats foretell, offering beach blanket fliers not bread, but bowls of soup to sup upon while spell Cat winds with words both old and kind of times when heroes rode, a Child of Magic strode and sword made whole when right healed the old crime which drove a line of men onto shame’s road. Reflected in glass on my appliance, is … Continue reading Contrivance – One Word Photo Challenge

Spring Send Off – A One Word Photo Challenge Sonnet

Spring Send Off Everywhere he looked spring had sprung green, gold and clear running streams no longer ice-choked. Nights still froze his balls off, but leave the wold he would to see Shayari ‘fore he croaked. Nothing tied him here now that his wife had gone. His children grown no longer wanted him around, an inconvenience he’d become. He set off that morn adjusting his brim, to hide the tear tracing his grizzled cheek. He put his home of five decades behind and headed for the last time to that creek which marked the end of home, no time to whine about loss, giving … Continue reading Spring Send Off – A One Word Photo Challenge Sonnet