Self Portrait?

Self Portrait Who are we but collections of our ‘selves’? Puzzles pieced together by memory. Experiences housed in skin bags. Halves seeking wholeness, but e’er in assembly. Captured in pixels or film, photoshopped; filters applied; curves adjusted; brightness added or reduced; shadows dodged or ‘shopped. Not happy with the resulting likeness. Make it black and white–desaturate life. Yes, now I see! Those stark lines and gray curves, soft focus, fine detail–sharpen that strife. Am I in the final image preserved? Or was I lost in the details refined? Can one image ever, myself, define? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Inspired byBulldog Travel’s Selfie prompt … Continue reading Self Portrait?

Your Design – (Extra)ordinary

Your Design ‘Tween two ice sheets on a road, there bubbles gold as pavement heats and ice melts away. Caught in that swift rushing current, unable to flee, a piece of winter castaway and shoved towards the grate to flow river-wards. In the bubbles’ shine I see your paintbrush, evidence of your attention, my Lord. I study your work while everyone rushes past ignoring the clues you left hidden in ordinary things, small spectacles, for those who search the small details, even ice melting on a road, for particles of the divine, or lacking that, a sign that you stood here and crafted this design. – … Continue reading Your Design – (Extra)ordinary

Fresh Perspective: What Photography Can Teach You About Writing


Looking for a fresh perspective to start your week? Look no further. I’ve got one to offer.

What photography can teach you about writing

On the surface, photography and writing have little in common. If you dig a little deeper, the commonalities become plain. Photographers frame life with their camera lens and capture those images in pixels or film. Writer also frame life–be it every day reality or a slice from their fantasy world–in words. A photographer’s frame is the limit of his/her lens; A writer’s is his or her imagination. 

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