Self Portrait?

Self Portrait

Who are we but collections of our ‘selves’?
Puzzles pieced together by memory.
Experiences housed in skin bags. Halves
seeking wholeness, but e’er in assembly.
Captured in pixels or film, photoshopped;
filters applied; curves adjusted; brightness
added or reduced; shadows dodged or ‘shopped.
Not happy with the resulting likeness.
Make it black and white–desaturate life.
Yes, now I see! Those stark lines and gray curves,
soft focus, fine detail–sharpen that strife.
Am I in the final image preserved?
Or was I lost in the details refined?
Can one image ever, myself, define?

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

Inspired byBulldog Travel’s Selfie prompt and Jennifer Nichole Wells whose entry highlighted this! And because I have expressive eyes, this week’s photo challenge by the Daily Post: Eye Spy

43 thoughts on “Self Portrait?

  1. And, apropos of nothing, I want to observe here, that I think you are a very kind, gracious, lovely person. I’ve seen how you interact with people, and how you take the time to visit blogs and leave good comments in a consistent way. I, alas, am not as consistent. I get tired of the screen, and go away — but I always like how you conduct yourself.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I love to read; stories and poems are like candy, so the blogosphere is one big candy store for me. 🙂 I just wish I could spend more time reading. There are so many blogs I have not yet read.

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      1. No, thank you. It’s nice to know, we aren’t alone. Your site is very well put together. Let me know, if you want to share any tips. Happy blogging. #NOTHINGMatters

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    1. Thank you! I wasn’t feeling it earlier while bombarded at work but I’m feeling it now. There’s something about the act of creating a self portrait that makes you realize that you look better than you thought. The camera never lies… 🙂

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