Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride (Picks up where Wreathed in Light left off) Fairies fluttered and flickered as they flew loop-the-loops, barrel rolls and belly flops into the magic falling like dew onto the Advent wreath where they rallied. This time the fairies would not be denied. Spurred by Christmas carols Inari hummed while she wrote out Christmas cards, snow outside falling, Ran spreading frosting with his thumb, and a hundred other Christmasy things. The fairies wove their spell late into night. They finished by dawn’s breaking and the ring of first morning bell that spread their spell’s light throughout the suite, wrapping father and son in transformative … Continue reading Sleigh Ride

Storm Tamer – One Word Photo Challenge: Winter

Storm Tamer A snowy road he took cross bridge to isle in the sound. No crunch of snow heard he this deaf traveler, this storm tamer, not while wind-weaving, cloud reading, snowshoeing his way home. For Serensalia he’s bound. He writes ice messages that melt come spring. He’s snow dancing, weather tracking around the mount’n paths. Through gales he leads with daring traders heading north past storms in safety kept by magic shields that hold cold that kills at bay. He channels lightning with piety down paths inked on his skin, yes he’s got skills. He’s your best bet if north your travels tend. With him, you’ll  live to reach your journey’s end. ~ ~ … Continue reading Storm Tamer – One Word Photo Challenge: Winter