Dear Star SN 2014 – Assignment #8

Dear Star SN 2014, Thanks, you’re the closest star to go nova. ‘Cigar Galaxy’ or M82*, where you dwelt, twelve million light years ova’ in neighbor Ursa Major, when you blew. A prof caught you in the act**; the world watched, this astrophysicist got sacked cause you died in the birthplace of stars, and you botched my career. You Type Ia Nova***, you damned binary system with a white dwarf star–you just had to be special, outshine everybody else, be so close and morph my job into unemployment, you swine. You’re gone; I still thrive. Writing this letter didn’t bring back my job but I feel better. … Continue reading Dear Star SN 2014 – Assignment #8

Supernova – Writing 101 #7

Supernova Explosion that outshines a galaxy, radiating energy like a sun, expelling its material to be swept up in a shock wave, it’s remnant done. Its light fading, streaking across space time to strike the telescope trained on that star, pierce the eye pressed to the lens that one time. Re-ignition of fusion killed that star long ago, while we watched, worried ’bout work tomorrow. Seconds later another star suffers a core collapse, worries lurk while we gaze, distracting from another explosion, a star dying in the black, while work-worries blind us to the star’s lack. ~ ~ ~ For more about supernovae, check out … Continue reading Supernova – Writing 101 #7