Mistaken A woman passed, caught Ran’s glance, made him start– for there walked his missing mama. Holding tight to his stuffed bear’s arm, he hurried, heart yearning for her touch. His small form’s threading through the market; the crowd’s blocking his sight. The market sprawls in a mile wide cavern. His mama could be anywhere. Dim light cheats his sight making it hard to discern. Down one aisle, then another, he’s lost now. He’s hugging his bear, looking everywhere. Mama’s gone; he’s abandoned, so he slows. Then he’s lifted up, held tight; Papa’s there. Ran was never lost at all just misplaced and … Continue reading Mistaken


Masks He toweled birth fluids off his hands; the colt tottered to his mum’s waiting teat to eat. A tickle in his mind, a soft slide, no jolt, just a smile as the connection that cheats the miles ‘tween his mind and mom’s cemented. Her much-missed voice in his head, soft and sweet, praised the colt he’d helped birth; sad news dented his mirth; his captive grandpa’s dead; grief beat him down, twelve years of mind-talk, no contact, not safe ma’d said. He kicked the mask, pining. No masked fete for him, not when this contact had broken his heart. “Are the stars shining?” mom asked. He tilted his head, … Continue reading Masks

Wishful Thinking

On a heath sitting beneath a toadstool, his head’s in his hands; his wings’re folded; his fairy tail swishes, and like a fool he’s wishing that Prince Charming’s blindfolded state won’t continue. It’s all that twit Cinder’s doing; the belle of the ball cast a spell. That glass slipper’s its trigger; it hinders all rational thought; the Prince’s not well, not since she banished Pink. Without invite, he can’t go; there’s no one to  break the spell. A beloved voice booms out and he takes flight. Cinder’s gone; fairy dust falls, breaks the spell. “I thought I’d lost you, my friend,” the Prince … Continue reading Wishful Thinking