It’s Almost Here

Hi Readers! The day we’ve been waiting for is almost here! The pre-sale for Relic Hunter ends tonight, and Relic Hunter will *officially* be on sale tomorrow, May 7th! Get your copy now. Relic Hunter is available on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Nook, Google Play & Smashwords and more! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered Relic Hunter. You mean the world to us. Your copies should arrive tomorrow, May 7th, and we hope you enjoy them! 🙂 And now, to celebrate the launch of Relic Hunter, we bring you Part 3 of (you guessed it): Relic Hunter (Missed a part? Catch up here: Part 1, Part … Continue reading It’s Almost Here

What’s the holdup?

Hi Readers, Last week, we traveled through a portal to my world. (This is Ran, Sarn’s son in case you forgot.) When we reached my world, we went looking for the culprits who are holding up the release of Relic Hunter.  So basically, those two people in the image above. So let’s return to that. “So would you say it’s Papa’s fault that the story is not finished yet, and it’s publication had to be pushed to May 7? These nice people would like to know.” I gestured to you, and you smiled expectantly because such smiles aways invite answers. Yan … Continue reading What’s the holdup?

Saved By A Hat?

Hi Readers, Last week, I reported on Operation: Get Written, my personal mission for 2019. I’m on a quest for more page time with Papa, of course. Adventures are more fun with him in tow. I also showed you what I could about First Love, an anthology published by Dragon Soul Press, which features Caught in a Glance, episode 1 of Curse Breaker’s Shadow. I wanted to share more about that story because it’s so sweet, but it’ll be published on Kindle Unlimited, so I’m not allowed to give you a sneak peek. 😦 Bummer, right? I thought so too. You know how much … Continue reading Saved By A Hat?

Misbehaving Magic

Hi Readers, We hope you enjoyed the coloring page we sent last week. Our friend Athena was kind enough to point out that I can’t trace myself because I’m three-dimensional. 0_o I’d have to be two-dimensional for the tracing thing to work as planned. Bummer. I wonder why a certain uncle who brought the tracing paper didn’t mention that. And why my beloved Papa let his magic kick those papers around the room. Though, I did enjoy running after them. I am a fictional little kid after all. Our cave isn’t that big, so they couldn’t go far. I cornered … Continue reading Misbehaving Magic