Between Dreams and Boats

(takes place between Beloved and The Trouble with Magical Security and The Rusted King and the Drum) Between Dreams and Boats They dragged the boat onto shore at Nolo’s direction, left it by boat house’s raft stack ‘fore hiking ‘cross the lightening meadow. Dawn gilded the river as the mount’s track wound in graveled ribbons around its girth. The weight of Nolo’s unasked questions pressed down on Sarn with e’ery step; his self worth dwindled away in quiet that oppressed. Ran stirred, slept in his arms without a care held safe there, his stuffed bear clutched, blanket wrapped and warm, no need to see where … Continue reading Between Dreams and Boats

Fools & Farewells

The Fool (Picks up where The Longest Night left off) A red silk scarf slid through Inari’s hands, pooled in the drawer where it’d rested for years, when she’d traded it for a marriage band. Some days she liked to reconnect with years past, feel the silk against her smile and play once more the gypsy girl in a trader’s caravan with tarot cards, fated to play. She removed the deck, shuffled it; later she’d play the good god-fearing wife; right now she wanted assurance that Ran’s tearful prediction was false, that Sarn’s okay now and that his absence meant an eventful night, not … Continue reading Fools & Farewells

Button Holed

Button Holed (Picks up where Second Thoughts left off) “Between the shadow and the soul, I love you like a dark thing in secret,” she sang as flies buzzed around her head, while above, a boy sat making button hearts to hang. Sarn crouched down to see what his son had made. “For the tree,” Ran held a button heart strung with thread; Sarn took it and with a hug paid for its creation; hearing what was sung, and not liking its lyrics, he took his son into the suite and back to homey things suited to a child’s ears, only to run straight into … Continue reading Button Holed

Spring with Flair

Spring with Flair Flowers, flowers everywhere, in my hair, falling without a care, as I glide ’round my bower’s stair. Who’s that there? Moonlight fair? Follow you where? Hear madness there resounds. Flowers, flowers in my pants, as I dance. Ring-crowned spiders spin their hair with some flair. They make a gown I can wear for the dance. My bro wears a lizard’s skin, it’s not fair. Feathers, feathers everywhere, in the air, on my chair. Spinning in a dizzy dance, my last chance, to prepare, that girl to spare, if I dare. There in the square, I do dance. Ladies fair, everywhere, I sing the prayer; I share all I dare, … Continue reading Spring with Flair