The Challenge

Ok, I’m finally starting a blog. You can stop mentioning it now. Really. I got the point. I am taking the mental challenge (thanks Coleen Phoenixxx).

Why am I blogging? Because people keep telling me to. They believe I have something that needs to be said. I finally got tired of telling them that everything I’d write about has already been written. So here I am blogging. I’m saying all the things that need to be said and I’m challenging myself to say those things right here every day.

Right now this blog is not about anything in particular. That might change or it might not. We’ll have to see. Three hundred sixty-five days from now might reveal a theme to my random mutterings on here. There might even be pearls of wisdom dropped in here and there amid the randomness. Who knows?

Why do folks think I have something to say?

Well…I am an audiobook addict. My audible account has more than a 1000 audiobooks in it and I have read over 900 of them. I just finished Lord of All Things by Andreas Eschbach which was translated by Samuel Willcocks and narrated by Nick Podehl minutes before I started this blog. It was an excellent story about  fate, technology, love and what happens when they are all tangled up in two lives that are divided by the very thing we all obsess about: money. The last six or seven hours of the audiobook was pure gold. I loved Hiroshi, the main protagonist.

Of course, since I live alone and am quite the loner, I usually listen to more than one audiobook at a time. So I’m also finishing up a light mystery that takes place after WWI. I picked it up on one of Audible’s daily deals for a steal. It’s titled Maisie Dobbs and it appears to be the first in a serious of mysteries set in London. I’m about halfway through the book at present. I loved the first couple hours and then the book took a very long excursus into Maisie’s upbringing. A flashback would have been sufficient since there is still the mystery of what happened to Vincent. We didn’t need to go back and see every moment that defined her. If the reader needs that info, then the whole book should have been about that. Reviews on Audible warned of this but I was curious and it was cheap. I am a sucker for cheap books.

Maisie Dobbs is written By Jacqueline Winspear and narrated By Rita Barrington. I like Rita Barrington’s narration. Actually I haven’t met a narrator on audible that I didn’t like. They have quite a wealth of vocal talent on their staff. If you’re interested in the book, you can check it out here

To keep my geek cred running high, I’m also listening to and really enjoying  Mysteries of Modern Physics: Time By The Great Courses and narrated By Professor Sean Carroll. It’s part of the series The Great Courses: Physics and I wish the book was twice as long. I love physics books. This particular book examines the arrow of time and all its ramifications from the watch on your wrist to the universe itself. Fascinating stuff. I fully intend to listen to it twice just to take in all the goodness. I did warn you that I’m weird right?

Until tomorrow. Get your read on!