While wracking up the points in one of the free rewards programs I indulge in, I ran across an interesting ad. It was for a site called I didn’t watch the commercial. I usually ignore them but the last few seconds caught my attention.  Instead of showing the usual array of really unhealthy snacks, the screen showed almonds, containers of fresh fruit and other healthy goodies. Then it flashed up something about mixing it up and keeping it fresh.

Short Attention Span (moi) went to the site to have a look-see. Apparently the site is sponsored by the major soft drink makers (surprise, surprise!). It actually advocates a healthy lifestyle and (gasp) points out that calories are real and need to be counted. It’s message is pretty simple–life is all about balance.

That got me thinking. Is my life balanced? Do I mix it up to keep things fresh? A quickie-analysis came up with some surprising answers.

Balance? Moi? Nope. Not happening here.

I work out so I can eat dark chocolate and peanut butter. I will walk 7 miles every day just so I have enough of a deficit to devote to that delicious obsession.

Mix in light days with my walk-a-thons? Never occurred to me. Really it didn’t. I’m the terminator when it comes to pain. I keep moving until it goes away. Except as the miles wrack up, it doesn’t go away and that worries me.

Perhaps that’s not the best way to approach things. There might be something to this ‘mixing it up’ thing after all. Enough of a something that I should give it a try and see what happens.

That leaves me a with a problem. What the hell do I mix up my workout with?

I bore easily which is why I like walking. I can put on my earphones and listen to a good book while my feet move me around the neighborhood. Above the sky erupts into a riot of color (at least it has every night this week). I watch the sun drop behind the trees into the Hudson River. Had I a better flashlight, I could chase it down to the water’s edge but a girl’s gotta be safe. So I watch the stars come out instead as I circulate about the hill where I live and enjoy the evening wrapping everything up in shades of blue.

Damn, just writing about it is making me itch to put on my sneakers and go back out there. Wandering around at night is exhilarating even though I have to limit my peregrinations to my complex.

So yes, I am a body in motion and I like being that way. Unfortunately, there are only so many miles a human body can handle in one day. Though the fact that I ended my walk tonight by hauling $176 worth of groceries from the corner super market to my apt on foot might have something to do with that. Topping off 7+ miles like that might not have been smart…oh well.

That’s why I need to work on this balance thing. Clearly I haven’t got a clue when it comes to balance.


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