Audio Books: My Not-so-Secret Obsession

What are you reading?

I love asking people that because I’m always on the hunt for recommendations. Reviews are my best friend. Yet I rarely ever post one on Audible unless the book has no reviews at all. Then I feel morally obligated to fill in the gap.

So what am I reading?

When we last talked about audiobooks in my rambling introduction to this experiment in blogging, I mentioned I was switching back and forth between three books: Maisie Dobbs, The Lord of All Things and Mysteries of Modern Physics: Time.

I finished all three. My opinion on Maisie Dobbs and The Lord of All Things hasn’t changed from my previous post. Though I will say that the end of Maisie Dobbs was quite entertaining. It didn’t make up for the long excursis into her past that interrupted the mystery she was supposed to be solving. However, it taught me a valuable lesson that I will apply to my own writing. Namely, not to do that.

Flashbacks are good. Extended ones that interrupt the story to the point where the narrator has to remind the reader about what the hell the story is supposed to be about are bad. So I won’t be doing that. Lesson learned.

Mysteries of Modern Physics: Time was a real treat which is why I listened to it a second time today. There was just so much great stuff to soak in. One listen is not enough. I especially enjoyed the last third of the lecture about relativity, special relativity, quantum mechanics and  spaghettification (a word coined to describe what happens when you fall into a blackhole).

Sorry to disappoint my fellow Trekies, but according to Prof Sean Carroll, there ain’t no wormhole in your blackhole. You aren’t magically relocated to some other part of space when you dive into a blackhole. You’re just stretched and squished into a long, thin noodle thanks to the quirky gravity of the blackhole.

Physics pretty much proves the impossibility of time travel and I’m still sad about that. That’s what makes my next read, the sixth installment of the Chronicles of St Mary’s such a perfect follow up.

For those of you who haven’t yet discovered the gem that is this hilarious series about historians who get into more trouble recording history than any human has any right to, check out these ***FREE*** short stories on Audible:

Christmas Present: A Chronicles of St. Mary’s Short Story
When a Child Is Born: A Chronicles of St. Mary’s Short Story
Roman Holiday: The Chronicles of St. Mary

The above stories are FREE. So you have no reason not to dip into them and get a glimpse of the wonderfulness of the full length stories about the staff of St Mary’s.

Jodi Taylor once again crafted a fine tale. The sixth installment of the Chronicles of St Mary’s is aptly titled: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? The answer? Everything.

It had me laughing and shaking my head at the antics of my favorite historians. I didn’t want to put it down. Zara Ramm does an outstanding job. I have no idea how she voices some of Maxwell’s comments without cracking up. I give her major props for deadpanning so well.

If you’re a fan of Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series or Douglas Adam’s books or you simply enjoy British humor spiked with time traveling mayhem, you’ll love this series.

I can’t wait for the seventh installment. I hope it comes soon.

Go get your read on. Great books are waiting.


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