Your Quadrennial “I Voted!” Thread — Whatever

Did you get out and vote? I walked 2 miles in the bitter cold because my car’s in the shop BEFORE catching a ride to work. But I VOTED. Go save the country from itself. Go vote. I don’t care who you vote for, but go out there and PARTICIPATE in the democracy you know and love. If you’re a US citizen, it’s time to do the thing, “the thing” being voting. It’s only the future of our country, after all. I think to believe that Whatever readers are the sort who will stick it out in a line to … Continue reading Your Quadrennial “I Voted!” Thread — Whatever

Compliments of Balance

Originally posted on HeartSphere:
“What is joy without sorrow? what is success without failure? what is a win without a loss? what is health without illness? you have to experience each if you are to appreciate the other. there is always going to be suffering. it’s how you look at your suffering, how you deal with it, that will define you.” ― Mark Twain Life begs for balance, both outward and inward. We see the proof of this in the natural world, in the wild kingdoms and in our own sacred spaces. We watch the animals migrate and move with… Continue reading Compliments of Balance

A Writer’s Worst Nightmare

“So this is the story of someone who sold her favorite child to a huge corporation to make ends meet,” writes Sarah King, an indie author who signed over the rights to “a Boston-Tea-Party-in-Space story called Outer Bounds.”  Fast forward two years. Sara writes on her Go Fund Me page: “Unfortunately, Amazon has stopped publishing new Outer Bounds material until I can buy it back, and I can’t publish anything in the world until I have the rights…They [the publisher] made several Very Big promises to me that they subsequently had to go back on due to ‘Rules’…I couldn’t take it … Continue reading A Writer’s Worst Nightmare

Turkey Bowl (or Turkey’s Revenge)

Turkey Bowl (or Turkey’s Revenge) Sarn waited for Nolo to tell him what tonight would bring: practice, running, scouting or wandering around the forest, but just as the man started to speak, shouting and the pounding of feet interrupted. Two forms shot across the meadow, something white chased them, threatening gobbles erupted– Sarn’d never heard that before; the bird-thing flapped wings, hopped and tried to nip the backsides racing ahead of it; the two men veered towards Nolo screaming, holding their backsides. Nolo just stared as the spectacle neared. Sarn yanked his master out of the men’s way. What mischief they’d caused, they now … Continue reading Turkey Bowl (or Turkey’s Revenge)

The Match

The Match Cyprus’ ringside seats enabled him to watch the match. Who’d leave in a coffin? The acrobat tumbled, his strength let him toss the mawkish gawker out on his fin. Through the hawker’s hand lapis lazuli beads slid, clicking, blocking Cyprus’ view. The stench of brimstone warned he’d better lie low ‘fore the serum wore off. Sweat bedew his forehead, his arm pits, deodorant’s failure, its obsolescence in process. Then his human skin molted and the chant began quickening the change in the press. A demon spilled forth ending the death match. Everyone left without coffin or scratch. ~ ~ ~ Like vignette-style sonnets? Want … Continue reading The Match

Giving Thanks & Turkey Carving

Giving Thanks & Turkey Carving “Why he do that?” Ran pointed at the bird. Nolo defeathered it on the terrace. Sarn drew Ran back inside. “To cook the bird, you have to remove its feathers.” Distressed Ran squirmed, “he’s hurting it.” Sarn shook his head. “It’s already dead. So it can’t feel pain.” Ran glared betrayal, but his green eyes plead to hear that Sarn had not caused the bird pain. “I found it trapped, dying–Nolo killed it.” He didn’t know if Nolo had set the trap and he didn’t want to know. “Are you helping–” he started to say but stopped when a strap caught … Continue reading Giving Thanks & Turkey Carving

The Great Pretender – A Daily Post Sonnet

The Great Pretender A knock sounded, he donned his father’s cloak, pulled the cowl down to shadow features six and ten years younger than the man the bloke came to fetch. He smiled at the simple fix, waved to his sleeping father who needed rest not another stupid meeting with fools. They saw his glowing eyes, assumed the rest, and he smiled at the deception, those fools! They blathered on; he loomed, quiet, playing his father, remembering to whisper. The meeting ended with him scurrying back to pretend he’d not left the sleeper ’til a tap on his shoulder proved he’d not fooled Father, with … Continue reading The Great Pretender – A Daily Post Sonnet

How much should you write every day?

“Write 10,000 Words Everyday is Terrible Advice” so says @virajpatel24 on and I agree with him. I’ve seen a lot of posts lately here and on about word counts mixed in with advice about how to write. These posts came up during a search for editing/revising advice and curiosity made me read them. Who doesn’t like free advice? Write 10,000 words in one day. I’ve actually blown past that limit in one twenty-four hour period but I couldn’t uncurl the fingers on my right hand at the end of that session. My hand had locked up from too much abuse. I had … Continue reading How much should you write every day?

Over Edited?

Is it possible to over edit a piece? If you removed all instances of the ‘to be’ verb, ‘ly’ words and filter words, are you left with an over edited piece? Or a polished gem? I ask because I wrote 1200 words last night without using a single ‘ly’ word, ‘to be’ verb or filter word. The scene has a tight grittiness that appeals to me but I can’t help wondering if I went too far. How can I tell if I went too far? Or is there no such thing as ‘over edited’? When does editing cease to be polishing what’s there … Continue reading Over Edited?

Eliminating Filter Words

There’s a great post about filter words penned by Cecilia Lewis that I found thanks to a comment Aeryn Rudel left on my previous blog entry. (Thank you Aeryn and thank you Celia!) I’m adding filter words to my list of words that need to be sought out and destroyed. I was dithering over a few of them yesterday.  I thought it had something to do with the fact that I was reading the text aloud that made them sound jarring and out of place. Now I know why they bothered me. They pulled me out of the head of my character. I blame the … Continue reading Eliminating Filter Words