The Great Pretender – A Daily Post Sonnet

The Great Pretender

A knock sounded, he donned his father’s cloak,
pulled the cowl down to shadow features six
and ten years younger than the man the bloke
came to fetch. He smiled at the simple fix,
waved to his sleeping father who needed rest
not another stupid meeting with fools.
They saw his glowing eyes, assumed the rest,
and he smiled at the deception, those fools!
They blathered on; he loomed, quiet, playing
his father, remembering to whisper.
The meeting ended with him scurrying
back to pretend he’d not left the sleeper
’til a tap on his shoulder proved he’d not
fooled Father, with the deception he’d wrought.

~ ~ ~

Well Ran does eventually grow up and he does look just like his father. So it should come as no surprise that he’d use that to his advantage, the rascal.

Read more about Ran and his father in the Curse Breaker Saga. It’s coming soon to Kindle and eventually to audio book.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Great Pretender.”