Light Your World

Light Your World

I light a candle for those who’ve died, hold
it ‘gainst the night’s dark, lift it to shed light
on grieving faces and spaces that told
of losses never replaced. Hold your light,
hold it tight, lift it high and light your world.
Chase shadows from corners and burn out hate,
set fire to prejudice, burn ’til its curled,
charred embers are naught but dust; a clean slate
then procure by sweeping that dust from our
global village’s door. Let hate never
enter there, nor shadow of fear glower
at that door; keep your candlelight ever
bright; set it by to light the way for friends;
new and old, both enter as welcome friends.

~ ~ ~

Dedicated to all those who lost their lives and to their families and the global village who grieves. I can only light a candle and pray. So here is my candle.

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    1. I saw a photo the other day, following the attacks…it was of two girls holding a sign that read: hug a terrorist…it was the most moving photo I have seen in a long time…clearly they were girls affected by terrorism…I think they are on to something with regards to fighting terrorism…love…even those who set out to destroy us…love them…

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