Over Edited?


Is it possible to over edit a piece? If you removed all instances of the ‘to be’ verb, ‘ly’ words and filter words, are you left with an over edited piece? Or a polished gem?

I ask because I wrote 1200 words last night without using a single ‘ly’ word, ‘to be’ verb or filter word. The scene has a tight grittiness that appeals to me but I can’t help wondering if I went too far.

How can I tell if I went too far? Or is there no such thing as ‘over edited’? When does editing cease to be polishing what’s there and become radical surgery? Where do you draw the line?

I googled filter words and read through the responses. One of them offered a promising piece of advice:

Without breaking POV, filtering lets you effectively communicate a second person’s thoughts.  This application may be the most accurate use of the term, because you are filtering a second POV through your POV character to share the information without breaking POV. Although I still wouldn’t call it “filtering.” Let’s call that move “POV laundering.” — Michael J McDonagh

Time to get back to my draft and check out filter words vs “POV laundering” terms. Did I take out filter words and create head-hopping? If so, I will need to put them in so they can filter that second pov.


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