Jodi Taylor, author of the Chronicles of St. Mary’s series, which I love by the way, got her start by self-publishing. She published the first Chronicles of St. Mary’s story as an ebook! (I love that book by the way: Just One Damned Thing After Another)

If you like history, time travel and a lot of comedy, her Chronicles of St. Mary’s series will take you on quite a thrill ride. Her latest book, The Nothing Girlis today’s daily deal on Audible. You can pick up a copy for $3.95. For nine hours of contemporary fiction mixed heavily with comedy in her skillful manner, that’s a bargain.

Reading that she got her start by self-publishing to e-book, inspires me. It stuffs all the self-criticism into the waste basket under my desk and kicks procrastination to the curb. It makes me more determined to whip my draft into shape and get it out there. I just have to give it my best shot. Challenge accepted. Now back to work.