Off to the NY Renaissance Fair!


I’m taking a break from editing/rewriting today to attend the NY Renaissance Fair in Sterling Forest. I’m so excited!

Having no running water Thursday night through this morning at my apartment, I feel like I’m halfway to the renaissance already. Losing power overnight added to the effect. I hope all is restored to normal by the time I return home from the fair tonight.

Pictured with me above are the gals from  Vixens en Garde, a show featuring bawdy jokes, bodices, Shakespeare and gratuitous sword play; and my cousin-in-law, the Rising Phoenixxx, the talented bath, body, lotions and notions innovator.

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried her stuff. All products are natural and free of irritants of any kind because she understands sensitive skin and its unique needs. All products are tested on friends and relatives only. If, like me, perfumes hurt your skin, worry not. Contact Rising Phoenixxx through her website and ask about perfume free versions. She’ll whip one up for you in no time. She’s fantastic like that!

Have a great Saturday everyone!