Beautiful – Writing 101 #13

Beautiful You’re beautiful; yes you reading these words. No matter your race or creed or color, or whether you bend your gender, these words are meant for you. For I see your splendor, reaching out bright hands towards the whole world. It stuns me that so much beauty contains all that you are without overflowing. Young, old or in between, these words pertain to you and me and all the world flowing by can’t deny the beauty of your soul. Not when its shining like a second sun. To you I extend my hand, through the whole world let me walk with … Continue reading Beautiful – Writing 101 #13

Off to the NY Renaissance Fair!

I’m taking a break from editing/rewriting today to attend the NY Renaissance Fair in Sterling Forest. I’m so excited! Having no running water Thursday night through this morning at my apartment, I feel like I’m halfway to the renaissance already. Losing power overnight added to the effect. I hope all is restored to normal by the time I return home from the fair tonight. Pictured with me above are the gals from  Vixens en Garde, a show featuring bawdy jokes, bodices, Shakespeare and gratuitous sword play; and my cousin-in-law, the Rising Phoenixxx, the talented bath, body, lotions and notions innovator. … Continue reading Off to the NY Renaissance Fair!

Killing Adverbs

Have you killed any adverbs lately? It’s very cathartic. Just run a search for ‘ly’ and see what you find. Why am I doing this? I bought a book on copyediting to aid me in my quest to copyedit my own work. Deleting words ending in ‘ly’ or replacing them with stronger verbs, claimed the book, as good way to tighten up writing. So a ran simple search on my Google Doc just to see how many ‘ly’ words I had used. I didn’t think there were that many because I know to avoid them. An eye-opening number of items returned in … Continue reading Killing Adverbs

Thank you for all the likes, follows, views and reads

Dear Reader, I hope you enjoyed your Sunday. Perfect weather we had in my corner of the world today and I hope in yours too. Today’s post is not a story post, and I apologize that I can’t provide your daily dose of fantasy fiction. I ran into some technical issues with the audio book recordings. A quick G-chat with my cousin helped me to see the error of my setup. An error I’m working to correct. Tonight I hope to do another take. (Who needs sleep?)  Cross your fingers that my neighbors will turn in early, and quietly, and … Continue reading Thank you for all the likes, follows, views and reads