Breaking Curses

This is the story that my sister wanted me to publish. So this one is for her. Wherever she is, and I hope she’s in heaven, I hope she’s able to read it. Publishing this story was her last request. I’m terrified of letting it out of my Google Drive but a promise is a promise. So *gulp* I’m putting this out there as requested.

It’s the first book of a series of which I have written chapters for 12 different story arcs. Some of these arcs will likely be gathered into separate books but there are others that could be combined into one.  The Curse Breaker series itself fits within a larger series and you guessed it, I have parts of books already written for those too.

My original plan was to write the entire series from beginning to apocalyptic end and then worry about publication. Somewhere I read that Tolkien wrote a bunch of books in between finishing The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Finding that out confirmed that it’s ok to write it all out first. The writing part is the part I enjoy anyway and I’m going to write this even if I’m the only reading it because I love it.  

So what is Curse Breaker all about anyway? Well my friend, it’s about loopholes. What fun is having a magic system that works perfectly all the time? None in my opinion. So I built in flaws and then followed the logic out to discover the loopholes and that’s where the series began, with loopholes. With stuff that shouldn’t be possible but is because someone didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. We’ll get to all that when it becomes important, not before. No hand holding here. My characters will have to figure out that things are broken; then why that brokenness exists; and finally, how to fix it. Maybe they’ll do all that before the world destroys itself. They have plenty of chances and time to do so. We’ll see if they do.

That’s the big picture on top of the box. What precisely is the first segment of the saga about? It’s about a place called Shayari and its magical weirdness; but at it’s heart, it’s a very human story about someone who just happens to be a walking, talking loophole and all the trouble that brings as life, universe and everything around him pushes and pulls him in different directions according to their goals. It’s about finding your way and not destroying life as you know it in your immediate community. And a whole lot else besides.

In short, it’s about a young guy who lives under a mountain. A guy with eyes that glow green all the time and a magic that’s slowly chewing away at his sanity. Sarn indentured himself to pay for his younger brother’s education and was assigned to the Rangers at sixteen. In the four years since then, he has built a tenuous and often strained relationship with his fellow Rangers. It doesn’t help that odd things happen around him all the time. Odd things that begin to add up into a terrifying whole…

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20 thoughts on “Breaking Curses

            1. I don’t know which road to take. I shudder at the idea of this story sitting in a slush pile which is where unsolicited manuscripts end up but I don’t how to bypass that. I tried to find a copy editor that had reasonable rates. Struck out on the reasonable rates part but she was blown away by the story and storytelling. Said I had real talent. I couldn’t afford to have her edit it but I was grateful for the feedback. It’s one thing to read something I wrote and think it kicks ass; it’s a whole other ball park when someone who reads manuscripts for a living has the same opinion. I am open to any advice you might have on that because I don’t know what to do.

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              1. Don’t know if I am the best person to give advice on this. I am struggling with this. I want to succeed in the traditional way. But that is my competitiveness that pushes for that. Here in WordPress I follow many self published authors, and I hear their frustrations and complaints. Many have encouraged me to self publish, then I read their posts whining about how tough they have it. That is why I started screenwriting, to have more options to sell my work. I think you should write some short stories and try to get them published in magazines. That is what I am trying to do. So, when you contact agents, you can name the magazines where you have been published, and some will be interested in reading your work. Then, you cross your fingers. I hope you siucceed.

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                1. Thank you 🙂 I have been thinking of doing that but I have no interest in writing short stories outside of my fantasy realm. I have heard of self-published authors who have made it work. there’s one on amazon who writes a vampires series. her grammar and spelling are atrocious but her books sell like crazy. It’s all about the reviews. If I could just figure out how to get those reviews…

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