Laughs and an Outlet for your Writing


Do you do any of these things? 
Camilla Marsh, writing for The Writing Cooperative, put together a list of quirks, anyone of which might apply to you. Here’s a sneak peak:

7. You’ve been known to taper off during a conversation, staring into oblivion, mouth slightly ajar, as your mind fills with an enthralling tale-to-be with characters yet-to-be named as your colleague’s fourth helping of stale office gossip falls unheard at your feet.

Her piece is entitled 21 Signs: you know you are a writer when…  Though I didn’t see myself in any of her supposed writer’s quirks, it gave me a good laugh.

Resource Alert!

The Writing Cooperative is pretty cool. They have a Draft List which members of can apply to take part in. The Draft List is a list of drafts that need editing/feedback before publication. Once on that list, a draft is edited by folks from the cooperative. They also have post listing articles in need of adoption by a publication on You might want to check it out and bookmark it for later.

Joining The Writing Cooperative, which has 8K followers and is always looking for guest posts, could be a great way to gain visibility. After all, you can post your articles on Medium and WordPress. Blogging 101 recommended doing so, which is what led me to start investigating

Something to consider right? I’m thinking about it myself. Don’t worry, I’ll keep passing on my findings right here. WordPress is my home but that doesn’t mean I can’t set up a little space for myself on Medium as well…

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