Out on the Town

Out on the Town Henneth rubbed his bald, aching pate and blinked at the onions and cabbages rolling by his head. Carrots flew, a ham hock winked, and peas pelted him as he lay lolling from the blow that had knocked him out colder than the frosty morning. Kneeling beside, it wore a woman’s guise and that, a clue, supplied. They sheltered behind a cart, orange dyed, on its side. Onions sailed past. “What happened?” he asked, watching its face; Squash Blossom squirmed. “You didn’t…you let your form slip…?” It happened in a blink; woman’s flesh boiled; a man swarmed o’er the cart, up it went throwing onions, at … Continue reading Out on the Town

Snark Bombs, Away! – A Daily Post Sonnet (with Aliens and Snark Bombs)

Snark Bombs, Away! “Snark Bombs, Away!” shouted the Thalian trader from the cargo bay of my stolen– I mean borrowed–spaceship. Crouching aliens lean into the jet stream tossing stolen parody bombs at unsuspecting folks crossing streets below to shake Monday up. “That reporter approaches!” yelled Pie Polk, my navigator, as I suited up. I lobbed a satire missile at the prize- wining reporter whose tricky questions tripped me up. It shot out trailing its prize, smoking, angling for an interception. On final approach, it slowed, tapped that chap’s arm, flipped back its nose cone and deployed its charm. ~ ~ ~ What … Continue reading Snark Bombs, Away! – A Daily Post Sonnet (with Aliens and Snark Bombs)

Laughs and an Outlet for your Writing


Do you do any of these things? 
Camilla Marsh, writing for The Writing Cooperative, put together a list of quirks, anyone of which might apply to you. Here’s a sneak peak:

7. You’ve been known to taper off during a conversation, staring into oblivion, mouth slightly ajar, as your mind fills with an enthralling tale-to-be with characters yet-to-be named as your colleague’s fourth helping of stale office gossip falls unheard at your feet.

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