Secrets Of The Sea Known Only By Her: An Acrostic


Secrets of the Sea Known Only by Her

She sits by the water,
Eyes staring at the calm surface,
Cringing in the cold. She watched
Rings form in the clear depths.
Every ring brushed against
The waves, beating against the
Shores of her mind

Old memories and shards of dreams
Floated on the placid waves and pushed closer to shore.

The waves grew calmer.
Her thoughts circled on the surface breaking now and again on the soft
Evening tide. Her mind wandered.

She searched the waves. Her mind probing its waters.
Every thought, like shells tumbling in the waves,
Always ended up on the shore.

Kneeling, she touched the rippling surface.
Now her thoughts ringed the surface
Only touching the shores of her mind as the
Waves drew back, slowly sucking the
Naked sand away in its wake.

Onyx colored pebbles littered the beach. She
Never noticed them. Her mind,
Like her eyes, drifted in and out of the eddies,
Yearning for the calm moment to last forever.

But with every passing hour, her mind
Yielded to the waves that flowed in and out.

Her thoughts, like the rings grew further apart, until the water was so calm
Even the waves paused. She sat there still, her mind drawn into the
Requiem of the sea, the vast calm that lapped her shores.