Rain Down: A Writing 201 Rehab Prompt {Sonnet}

Rain Down Shiny rivers slithered down the window to the steady adagio beating of the rain pouring outside my window. A sunset road, the rain decorating it with mirrored puddles. Droplets refract garish street lights–turning the rain citrine and ruby as cars pass. They drag light tracks behind that become streaks of light on screens of falling water that tug evening on, unfurling a darker screen for light to play upon. To those glistening drops drawn, the eyes go as the rain’s reflections skews the world into a reverie too soon gone, but it’s memory remains a boon. — Do you miss the Writing 201 Poetry course by the Daily … Continue reading Rain Down: A Writing 201 Rehab Prompt {Sonnet}

Soul Walking: Stomp Prompt Sonnet # 1

  Soul Walking A woman walks in slow time savoring the images the music paints upon her soul. On the band plays never knowing the joy they bring one young woman’s soul. Drawn to roam the graveyard, barefoot for all time, she keeps the rhythm of her steps in line with the sweet music that makes her soul chime. The lead sings on for their patrons that dine. But don’t see, souls weaving to and fro, ’round the graves. A soul singing but never heard. Her voice lost by death and never found. Her dance unseen, felt as cold ever … Continue reading Soul Walking: Stomp Prompt Sonnet # 1

A Sonnet for Your Sunday: Legacy

Legacy (the Legend of the Curse Breaker) Not all gold glitters while some lies hidden. In caves deep and under waters sweet, bides that which can set all to right. Unbidden it rises from the depths to hand the guide knowledge true to right a wrong God still sees. Cursed since birth this child of a magic ban, to his hand draws kingmaker Legacy– the blade that shattered in the traitor’s hand. There it merges into a gleaming whole– Blade that regicide and fratricide broke– to heal a sundered land and plug a hole left by betrayal. Still remains the yoke … Continue reading A Sonnet for Your Sunday: Legacy

(Extra)Ordinary: a Picture & a Battleship {Sonnet}

Battleship Battle stations. General quarters sounds. Take your places. All hands brace for impact. Turn that dial. Crank that lever. The hounds of hell are on our tail. Windscreen is cracked. Someone get eyes on that boat. “Cap’n, it’s on our six,” says the midshipman. “We need more speed right now before we’re blown to bits.” On us, they’ve drawn a bead. Our radar reads a firing solution. Take the shot then fire at will. Man down and overboard– Someone toss a life preserver before he drowns. Deploy decoys. Ahead a fjord! We won’t scuttle. We’ve still got torpedoes. We’ll … Continue reading (Extra)Ordinary: a Picture & a Battleship {Sonnet}

Raking in Autumn: A Sonnet

Raking in Autumn Leaves blow and crinkle as I sway. I dance with the rake. Round and round the yard we go. Each step sends plumes of leaves skywards to dance, to twirl and fall in piles at my toes. Laying my partner down, I climb onto the peeling red picnic table. I spin round on the autumnal stage. The solo dancer takes her last leap. The expandin’ pile of leaves cushions my fall. Leaves twirl like, red ballerinas caught in an updraft, and gently land on the pile near my bike, I tossed leaves and watch them fall as I laughed. Bruised from twigs that infiltrated the pile, I  brush … Continue reading Raking in Autumn: A Sonnet

Windows: A Sonnet

Windows In the barred window hung a perfect dress. Its train swept the floor. It’s creamy folds shined with dreams of wedded bliss. Wait for me, dress, for I’ve not yet met a man to call mine. Beyond the next window down that same street, a family gathers to share a meal while I stand cold and alone on the street. No supper waits for me. No one to steal a moment of their time, just a cold hearth, a silent home, me on my own.  I turn Head quickly away but I feel that dearth. Paws click on glass. The dog toppled an urn. … Continue reading Windows: A Sonnet

Sestina: O, Guardian Most Dear


O, Guardian Most Dear*

From earth to earth, drawn by the hand of need,
and wielded by the arm of justice to
protect all people, serve the Lord Father,
uphold the Sacred Balance. Let thy will
never falter, thy heart never become
corrupted, O my Guardian most dear.

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Goodbye Writing 201: A Sonnet

Goodbye Oh no, what woe, our class ’tis ending. Say it isn’t so. Goodbyes to make and silence soon to come where once we chatted and played, and held discourse of poetic science. What ho? “But merrily we’ll meet again?” You say, “Verily, no distance now exists, ‘tween blogs of like intent and purpose. When minds of poetic intellect insist.” Poets listen here, no effort is made in vain. Your words fit perfectly the shape of your soul. Your inner landscape don’t trade. Your words shine forth and in success you’re drape’d…. ‘Till next we meet in class or in … Continue reading Goodbye Writing 201: A Sonnet

Crown of Sonnets: Tales of Shayari

20130905_153500smallA Crown of Sonnets: Tales of Shayari

{Drigorem’s Curse}

Not enough for you, the councilor’s seat.
Not for you, little brother, for your eyes
set upon a higher goal. A planned meet
sealed your fate and mine. What price in blood buys
a state? Did you think you could steal the crown?
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A Bad Day in Three Concrete Sonnets


Bad Day

(Plain Text Version, scroll down for concrete version)


Cars stopping. Cars honking. Cars whose drivers
are texting. Drivers yakking on cellphones.
Drivers rubbernecking. Damn those drivers
creeping past police cars. Police by cones
waiting, why aren’t they nabbing those drivers?

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Elegy for Lactose, God how I miss you!

Elegy for Lactose Lost Cheesecake topped with whipped cream, sweet, velvety fudge, smooth ice cream topped with nuts, buttercream frosting heaped onto crumbly cake, I love you and I loathe that you don’t love me. Not a sip, not a crumb, can cross my lips or pay the price I must. Dear lactose it’s over. No more fruity parfaits, no more yogurt snacks. No bowls of cereal, no snap crackle, pop, no lucky charms afloat sweetening cold milk. Dear lactose, it’s over. Goodbye ’till science cures my intolerance. Dear lactose, please know I love you but I must live without … Continue reading Elegy for Lactose, God how I miss you!

A Silly Ballad about Buttercream

MAK_4100You’ve been warned. I can’t get this damned thing out of mind so I can write a serious ballad for today’s assignment. So here is the ballad making the rounds in my skull. I hope you get a chuckle. Maybe by the time you read this I will have stopped laughing.

Buttercream Day

The bakery exhaled sweet buttercream
through its flaky, drizzled white windows.
It’s not ice cream but we all screamed
for frosting to sweeten our woes.

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Lambency: A Sonnet for Your Sunday

Lambency A ray of light falling down on the shore reflects like obsidian in the sand. The shaft of light plays with the eyes to lure them deeper into its luminous hands. White fire that pierces the clouds, falling bright through azure-blue skies lighting its descent, spiraling slowly around, weaving tight bent circles both black and opalescent. But the cleft from whence the light appeared, closes, as the fluffy game pieces shift above. The ray dissipates, the waves quickly hose the shore dispersing sands like a dark dove, caught by the swells of the waves in the bay below the … Continue reading Lambency: A Sonnet for Your Sunday

Winter: A Sonnet for your Saturday

Winter advances and claims my warm heart. Blood freezes the veins of my chilly limbs. Dead leaves pour into my bowl and their tart taste slips past my frozen lips, deftly skims over my rebelling stomach to fill The snowy void left by fall’s bitter end. Naked branches bend in the shrill wind’s chill Torpor consumes me, to sleep I bend, In its’ icy, breathless embrace I drift only to waken when white blossoms kiss my lashes. Lifeless to lithesome I shift, reviving to greet spring’s advancing bliss. I rise; the cloak of life I quickly don lest winter’s waning … Continue reading Winter: A Sonnet for your Saturday