Chandelier’s Swing

Chandelier’s Swing He wanted to throw off his disguise, swing from the chandelier over the crowd, drop down on the dais sword drawn, one swing away from decapitation, one drop of a headless corpse to the ground and his comrades, the Guardians, avenged. He gripped the cane that supported him and bandages pulled against wounds unavenged. Masked dancers moved beneath the chandelier whose light glistened off their costumed faces. One girl in wine cast her eyes without fear at the betrayer she stalked. Her laces hid a surprise he guessed but her quarry retired, leaving her an unknown story. ~ ~ ~ … Continue reading Chandelier’s Swing

Fright Night – A Daily Post Sonnet

Fright Night Dead hands claw at earth’s oppression, shove dirt from bodies rotted to bone, levered the remnants of their forgotten spirits up from yawning graves that death delivered. Far this cemetery’s blight, all’s cracked and broken in the world, ’cause balance is broken, life’s wheel is smashed, nature is backed in a corner, cowering at the crisis. ‘Till the Guardians ride, their swords raised high, their helms agleam in fading starlight, their armor bright in lines they stand, face the eye of death they do and vanquish its corpse there at the cemetery gates. To their graves the dead do flow, for the … Continue reading Fright Night – A Daily Post Sonnet

Avengers’ Masque – A Stomp Prompt Sonnet

Avengers’ Masque Her costume, a gown of fine wine, her mask set with pearls clasped to her face by ribbons woven into her tresses for the task of concealing sharp toothed combs. Those ribbons doubled as garrotes to choke betrayer’s throats if she could lure the king’s killers out to the veranda. Did the betrayer see circling near that his doom had turned out? The whisper silk of her dress gave notice of her progress across the ballroom, booze kept all but one, and not her accomplice, from watching the killer, that one guest whose sword belt held not a copy tied for peace, but a Guardian’s blade wanting … Continue reading Avengers’ Masque – A Stomp Prompt Sonnet

Sestina: O, Guardian Most Dear


O, Guardian Most Dear*

From earth to earth, drawn by the hand of need,
and wielded by the arm of justice to
protect all people, serve the Lord Father,
uphold the Sacred Balance. Let thy will
never falter, thy heart never become
corrupted, O my Guardian most dear.

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