A Homeric Ode for Your Friday

Went with a Homeric ode for today’s assignment (rhyme scheme: Abab cdecde) and reworked a poem I wrote on a tour bus in Scotland in 2001 because it was so damned close to a Homeric ode. Figured I’d go the extra mile and push it over the edge into Homeric ode territory. I painted the accompanying picture in my very brief, artist stage. Enjoy! Riding through a painting where mountains sprawl and the heart of Scotland beats. Across fir-lined pelts, mists do crawl o’er humped back Scotland down to its streets. The sun kisses snowy peaks, whose tearful eyes lock forever … Continue reading A Homeric Ode for Your Friday

A Grave Insect: Two Limericks for Thursday

graveA dash on a gravestone,
expresses how you’ve grown
A sister rendered into dates,
because death wouldn’t wait.
It left only her bones.

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Deconstructing My Constructed Self


Deconstructing My Constructed Self

He paints my face—olive—light, a gift from ancient ancestors.
His strokes thick, quick, powder flies everywhere.
He draws my lips–firm, first an outline, plumb, overlaid with a layer for shine, fine.
Then my eyes–smoldering, brown–shadowed and still.
Lined with deepest black, my lashes traced.
Then the finishing touches—rouge–to unhide my cheekbones.

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Secrets Of The Sea Known Only By Her: An Acrostic


Secrets of the Sea Known Only by Her

She sits by the water,
Eyes staring at the calm surface,
Cringing in the cold. She watched
Rings form in the clear depths.
Every ring brushed against
The waves, beating against the
Shores of her mind

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Some Haiku for You


Rain falling softly
Children with yellow rain coats
Splashing in puddles

Dry grass crackling
Orange tongues of fire
Marshmallows melting

Flunking another quiz
The books I never opened
A red pen- grade fixed

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