Elegy for Lactose, God how I miss you!

Old picture of me from my college days

Elegy for Lactose Lost

Cheesecake topped with whipped cream,
sweet, velvety fudge,
smooth ice cream topped with nuts,
buttercream frosting
heaped onto crumbly cake,
I love you and I loathe
that you don’t love me.
Not a sip, not a crumb,
can cross my lips or
pay the price I must. Dear
lactose it’s over.
No more fruity parfaits,
no more yogurt snacks.
No bowls of cereal,
no snap crackle, pop,
no lucky charms afloat
sweetening cold milk.
Dear lactose, it’s over.
Goodbye ’till science
cures my intolerance.
Dear lactose, please know
I love you but I must
live without you now.

Lactose intolerance forced me to give up all milk products three or four years ago and I still miss them! They have been much on my mind lately since the holidays are coming soon and they bring such torture, such temptation.