Who Will Narrate: Listen and Cast Your Vote


Okay, we’ve talked these last two days about audio books both the professionally produced variety and the self-narrated too. If you need a refresher, pop by this post here for a discussion of professional voice acted audio books and here for the DIY option.

You are armed with knowledge and ready to cast your vote an a very important issue. Who should narrate?

With the above posts in mind, I come to you, wonderful followers and one time visitors alike, to ask your opinion on the matter. Below I submit to you two scenes from my novella narrated by me, the author. Worry not, neither one is longer than 7 minutes. Together they comprise the first two scenes from my forthcoming audio book. It will be available for sale in 2016.

If you could do me the kindness of giving them a listen and then scrolling down to the poll below and casting your vote or posting a comment, you will have earned my eternal gratitude.

Scene 1:

Scene 2:

Please cast your vote and help determine who should narrate this story:

11 thoughts on “Who Will Narrate: Listen and Cast Your Vote

  1. I enjoyed listening to you read, for sure, but because i have nothing to really compare it to (as I am not an audio-book listener), I am unable to offer an educated opinion. I do understand the production costs as I have worked as a studio musician for years and it does take a lot of time to perfect things in a studio environment, even when things are well-rehearsed. I guess the only thing I could offer is a piece of advice someone gave me a long time ago: if you are going to put your work out there, do everything you can to make it the best it can be; make sure it is polished.

    I wish I could offer ore help!

    Good luck with the project.

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          1. we all have to start somewhere…my mom started a small grocery store from her front porch and dumped her entire life savings into product ($300)…eventually she sold it, ordered m0re and my dad built a small store…then the business grew and he had to build on more pieces, eventually erecting a storage shed…over the course of 35 years, my mom helped to raise five kids and put most of us through college…when she died she owed nothing to anyone and had left behind enough to look after my dad…we do what we can and we build from there 🙂

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