A Sonnet for Your Sunday: Legacy

Legacy (the Legend of the Curse Breaker) Not all gold glitters while some lies hidden. In caves deep and under waters sweet, bides that which can set all to right. Unbidden it rises from the depths to hand the guide knowledge true to right a wrong God still sees. Cursed since birth this child of a magic ban, to his hand draws kingmaker Legacy– the blade that shattered in the traitor’s hand. There it merges into a gleaming whole– Blade that regicide and fratricide broke– to heal a sundered land and plug a hole left by betrayal. Still remains the yoke … Continue reading A Sonnet for Your Sunday: Legacy

Tales of Shayari: Death of a King


Death of a King & Drigorem’s Curse

Blood pooled, weeping from a gash in his chest  and soaking into Drigorem’s clothes. He shivered. The chill stone sucked up his warmth. Boots thudded on stone. Screams and bellows competed with the metal on metal clang of a fight. How had it come to this vile betrayal, this victory via wicked trickery?

Lady Shayari stood in her alcove, her marble face catching the light falling through the slit window. She held her torch topped with a chunk of yellow lumir carved to look like flame; it glowed yellow gilding the five pointed crown on her head. She was old symbol, an icon borrowed from another age as attested by her sandal-shod feet and intricately draped robe. Her other hand clutched a book against her chest but age had reduced the words inscribed on it to an illegible smear.

How did it come to this, my Lady of the free peoples, my Lady of the enchanted forest? How did it come to this? Drigorem pressed his forehead against the stone floor. Its cold kiss leached some of the pain pounding in his head and it cut through the dizziness.
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Who Will Narrate: Listen and Cast Your Vote


Okay, we’ve talked these last two days about audio books both the professionally produced variety and the self-narrated too. If you need a refresher, pop by this post here for a discussion of professional voice acted audio books and here for the DIY option.

You are armed with knowledge and ready to cast your vote an a very important issue. Who should narrate?

With the above posts in mind, I come to you, wonderful followers and one time visitors alike, to ask your opinion on the matter. Below I submit to you two scenes from my novella narrated by me, the author. Worry not, neither one is longer than 7 minutes. Together they comprise the first two scenes from my forthcoming audio book. It will be available for sale in 2016.

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