Raking in Autumn: A Sonnet


Raking in Autumn

Leaves blow and crinkle as I sway. I dance
with the rake. Round and round the yard we go.
Each step sends plumes of leaves skywards to dance,
to twirl and fall in piles at my toes.
Laying my partner down, I climb onto
the peeling red picnic table. I spin
round on the autumnal stage. The solo
dancer takes her last leap. The expandin’
pile of leaves cushions my fall. Leaves twirl like,
red ballerinas caught in an updraft,
and gently land on the pile near my bike,
I tossed leaves and watch them fall as I laughed.
Bruised from twigs that infiltrated the pile,
I  brush off my pants, cast the leaves a smile.

in response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toad’s prompt: Falling Into Lines – Weekend Mini Challenge

23 thoughts on “Raking in Autumn: A Sonnet

  1. Nicely and tightly crafted, wonderful economy of language and the dance is sure-footed. I especially liked the waking crunch of twigs in the pile. How I remember that detail from so many decades ago. Great to read you stuff at Toads.

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  2. The colors of the season can be really inviting.

    I’d like to add that I am quite impressed with how perfectly and easily the rhythm comes to join your words.

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  3. There is something youthful and spiritually uplifting about dancing with a rake through a pile of leaves…love the imagery , Melinda!

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  4. Thanks for this sweet and fun poem–you describe an experience that many can relate to (though perhaps they do not approach it so fancifully). Super charming–and makes one feel like dancing. k.

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